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About Us

Minding My Fortune, LLC is a transformation agent. We offer an array of person-centered  life changing services:

We offer self-empowerment training in both class-room setting and 1:1  life coaching format, adult computer literacy training,  staff development training and specialty training that will transform your life.  Our empowerment services are designed to spark the desire to live life with awareness that like a corporate business, your life is a FORTUNE with departments that require special attention, monitoring and supervision.

We are also excited about our newly added concierge services for seniors and our unique boutiqueOur concierge services are intended to support seniors to live their best quality of life,  enhance their independence and prolong their ability to remain in their own home or participate fully in alternative settings.

Our unique boutique was created as a fundraiser endeavor to support our on-going effort to provide low cost services to women who are returning to the community.

Our Mission

Minding My Fortune mission is to ignite,  empower, and coach others to live life with consciousness that like a corporate business, life has departments that require special attention, monitoring and supervision.

Our Vision

Minding My Fortune vision is to be a transformation agent. An organization that provides access to support and resources that will cultivate growth and development in the lives of all participant.